The French Agency ANSES has been commissioned to assess health risks for workers exposed to atypical working schedules, particularly night work.. Read more

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10 empresas em que trabalho é sinônimo de qualidade de vida

São Paulo – Equilíbrio entre a vida profissional e a pessoal é um valor para muita gente. Mas, atingi-lo nem sempre é fácil se não há uma preocupação... leia mais

Conflito de deveres do médico de saúde ocupacional face à entidade patronal no Brasil leia Mais


Zika vector control measures in the EU 8th July 2016 Flash report Read more

On 1 February 2016 the World Health Organization declared an international public health emergency after Zika virus was linked to thousands of birth defects in Brazil... Read more

Since 1 July 2007 smoking had been banned in all enclosed public and work places in England. There was real disquiet before the legislation - how would it work? The reality is the younger generation of workers probably can’t quite imagine a workplace with a designated smoking room, or a smoking carriage on a train Read More

Occupational Safety and Health in Brazil.

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Zika virus (Zika) outbreaks are occurring in many countries and territories. Please share the following information with those who may find it useful. Read More

Irish women warned over travelling to Florida due to Zika risk Read More

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